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    Our home brewing supply store carries everything you will need to brew your own, high-quality craft beer. We have recipes, grains, hops, liquid yeast as well as brewing, bottling and kegging equipment.

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OUR LOCATION: 824 S. Kerr Avenue! OPEN HOURS: Tuesday-Friday 10am-7pm Saturday 10am-5pm & Sunday 12-5pm

Wilmington Homebrew Supply | Wilmington Brewing Company

Wilmington Homebrew Supply loves teaching people all aspects of brewing. We have an all grain brewing demonstration that goes through the entire process and shows you each step.

Our mission is to provide the Wilmington area home brewing community with the highest quality and freshest ingredients. With beer having only four major ingredients and wine having only two, we understand the importance of providing the customer with the highest quality.

Being a successful craft beer brewer or vintner is very simple with the right ingredients and proper guidance. We pride ourselves with providing each customer with the best knowledge, ingredients, and techniques to have the most fun with their home brew.

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